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Close Encounters owner Tom Close with an archery bull moose. Close Encounters is a relatively small but personalized booking agency specializing in bowhunts. We offer most North American species, a nice selection of African outfitters, and a couple from the South Pacific, featuring New Zealand as well as Russian snow sheep and brown bears. We work hard to find good honest outfitters who have the proper hunting area and expertise required to excel as bowhunting outfitters.

We'll work with you in the selection of the outfitter, assist in the booking, and ultimately, help prepare you for the hunt. In addition, you can expect detailed equipment lists and travel plans from the guys that have “been-there, done-that” offered to you at no cost - we do not add-on to hunt costs.

Bowhunting is obviously our specialty, and absorbs much of our research effort, but we do offer a nice selection of gun hunts as well. Many of our better bow hunts, especially in Canada, are conducted during the general season where the weapon is your personal choice.